FRC Sponsorship


The FRC rookie team has received a $6500 grant from JCPenney. This directly pay for our registration and qualifying event!   We are off and running!!!!

FRC Sponsorship

Sponsorship Update 10.13.11

News you can use!!!

When I spoke with the regional rep from FIRST he guaranteed me that we would receive one of two things.  Either $5,000 start up grant from a fund he “manages” or a $6,500 Rookie team grant from JCPenney.  We are still waiting for final approval from the JCPenney store, so I do not know which we have, but it is AT LEAST $5,000 for the FRC competition team!!!

We have secured a build location which is considered an “in kind” sponsorship.  The value of that is probably around $1,000.  There is build space, some practice space, and WIFI for our use while on site.

We still need to raise $2-$4,000.  I have a sponsorship brochure in publisher format.  I will have some printed for the meeting on October 24th (7pm).  (If anyone has a good quality color copier at their disposal that could print more, let me know)  The request we will be making is for funds from the sponsor’s 2012 budget.  We truly will not need the bulk of the money until January.  (We need $6500 by 11/30/11 so depending on which grant we receive we may need $1500 now)  Many companies are doing their budgets for next year now, so if we get in the door and ask before those are finalized we may be able to ask them to plan on helping us both this year and sustaining us in future years.

Please be thinking of businesses that you would be comfortable approaching.  There are levels of sponsorship from $100 to $5000 so we do not need to all go to the biggest manufacturer in town to seek out funds.  You may also want to make a tax deductible donation yourself.  That is OK too!  I will have the Chamber of Commerce and Pennysaver Business directories on hand, so that you can “claim” your sponsor and we will not all go to the same companies.

See you all soon!!!!

Don’t forget to invite friends that may want to be a part of this!  IT IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!!!