Ages 8-14

Our younger group, made up of kids aged 8 to 14 years who compete in the First Lego League (FLL) program.

The 2020 season will be starting in September, and we are currently expecting to host one or two teams. This year’s FLL theme is “tbd”.

Since 2011, our FLL kids have occasionally sponsored an activity at the 4-H Holiday Faire. The Faire has been a fun opportunity for kids to see holiday-themed crafts created by 4-Hers’, and our club has sponsored a table where guests could build simple gizmos.   They have also staffed a table from 10am to 6pm at the county fair.   Demonstrating robots, and discussing the FLL team projects.

2012 FIRST Lego League Challenge “Senior Solutions”. the kids researched issues important to senior citizens, and presented their findings at the FLL regional competition in November 2012. Winning a “Robot Design” award, and advanced to the regional championships held at the University of Rochester.

The 2013 FLL season brought exciting growth, from one team with 12 kids (well, 9 on the team and 3 “cheerleaders”) last season to 27 kids competing as three teams. In addition, the 2013 season can purchased new LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robot kits, so in addition to the new teams, we also worked with the new robots. The theme for 2013 was “Nature’s Fury”, where each team researched problems caused by weather. Each of the three teams won an award at the regional tournament. One team “Prehistoric Rootics” advanced to the regional championships, the other two teams won awards.

The 2014 season theme was “World Class”. Orleans county ran 4 teams, working on projects to improve education. “Prehistoric Robots” again advanced to championships with their idea for a memory-wristwatch. Marlene won the “Outstanding Volunteer” award at the championship tournament.

In 2015, “Trash Trek” theme was also a 4 team season for the club. While we had several interesting projects, and a couple competitive robots, this was our first season where none of our teams advanced to the regional championship tournament.

2016 we fielded 3 teams for “Animal Allies”. There were several exciting milestones, the “Mad Scientists” advanced to the regional championships with their idea for a 3d-printed leg for a local dog that was brought to the area by Save a Sato. In addition to raising a around $100 for the Save-A-Sato, the team won the “Research Award” at the regional championship tournament.

The 2017 season “Hydro Dynamics”.

2018 “Into Orbit”,  our students investigated the growing-time, and nutritional value of plants to grow in space.

2019 the challenge was “CityShaper”, and the kids took up a challenge close to home, trying to make a relaxing location during county fair.

If you are interested in the club, please feel free to contact us.