A Quick Look at the Numbers

Today we wrapped up the last day of FLL preparations.

On Saturday we will be travelling 26.8 miles to Churchville-Chili Middle School, where our kids will compete in a regional qualifier tournament.

I would like to look back at the season in numbers:

  • 1093.5 hours working on the robot and project.
  • 42 hours (roughly) per kid.
  • 32 meetings. (one meeting cancelled because of large fire in Albion)
  • 26 club members.
  • 6 robots (3 EV3’s, 3 NXT’s).
  • 5 different towns.
  • 4 guest speakers.
  • 3 teams (1071, 1405, 15629).
  • 3 months in a building without heat …
    Month Ave. High Ave. Low
    Sep 73°F 54°F
    Oct 61°F 43°F
    Nov 48°F 34°F

Regardless of the outcome of the competition, we are very proud of the work that the kids achieved.