Where Did Time Go?

I just realized that my last post to this site was January 9th.  Two days after Kick-Off.  Today, it is One WEEK past stop build day.  All I can really think of is WOW!  I am wowed, amazed, flabergasted and completely impressed that a group of boys that did not know each other two or three months ago, became a real TEAM and created a working robot, that will, in fact, accomplish the challenge laid out for them 6 or so weeks ago.  Rookie Team 4093’s robot, sits in its bag at the build site, taunting us.  It will not come out to play until practice day, March 8th!

Plans are taking shape for next year, brainstorming for new sponsors (how about you?) and fundraising opportunities has already begun.  The team is growing by leaps and bounds, mentors needed (how about you?).

We invite you to come and see us at competition March 9th and 10th.  It is free and open to the public.  You will be completely hooked!

Let’s GO!