October 22nd training news… FRC Kids–What are you doing Oct 29th??

Saturday, October 22nd, Erik, Morgan and I attended a regional FIRST training session.  I attended the NEMO (non engineering mentor org) side, while Erik and Morgan received some PTC training.  All of that is news we can use, I am sure.

But, outside of the training sessions, I garnished some great information as well!  There is a competition in Webster next Saturday.  We would like to go and take some or all of our HS aged (FRC) kids with us.   We have been invited (IF you bring safety glasses) into the pits by more than one team.  They even implied they would let you drive!  Email robotics@wiksclan.com if you can go.  We will also talk about it Monday, but the sooner we know the better.  The event is all day, we could go for all or part of the day.

See you tomorrow!